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See below for some handy hints to get you started in the right direction.

Simple Tips

The Home Page –Get straight to the point of what you can do to assist your target audience. Make this information pleasant to read… use sympathetic fonts and sizes. Also consider “other” viewers who may be interested but who are not necessarily players.

Remember that correct grammar and spelling are essential components of a successful site. (Think how shocked you would be if your newspaper contained such errors)

The design MUST translate to smart phones and all things portable.

A scrolling page can work well – if you are just doing a single page and is definitely worth considering as it engages your audience more and more – they do not need to click to further pages because it is all there.

Give Lots of contact options

Before you commit …

To make sure that your Project Vision and website goals are crystal clear – download the fully comprehensive questionnaire here.

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Good Web Design – Information Architecture


1. What problem(s) are we solving?

2. Who needs it?

3. What is the site for?

Focus on User experience. Create fictional user scenario ie what does the user hope to accomplish? What might cause friction? Make up a story about the potential user going to your website.


1. Am I in the right place?(You need to assure them they are)

2. Do they have what I am looking for?(Make it easy to find)

3. … or Do they have something better?(Give some options)

4. What do I do now?(Give clear CTAs)

PICTURE YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER and design your site specifically for them

First-List their goals and their likely use of your offering. Next-Create User Flows by imagining situations when they:

know what they are looking for

are exploring

are researching

are re-finding


Navigation (menu/helpers) >>

Consumption (find out more) >>

Interaction (order/action) >>


The top menu does not EVER vary. Horizontal is best unless there are tons of choices and the top menu cannot display them, only then is it ok to use a vertical menu.


Have your actual content available in writing before you start designing.Map tasks to individual pages.Each Page should:

1. Help the user accomplish 1 specific task

2. Make the next step easy to access

(ie create a relationship between many small tasks)


Using Cards as pages and subpages, arrange a site-map and then test as much as possible – use 15 testers … until the Customer IS in the right place because you have what they are looking for, and possibly even something better…. And now they are going to convert by applying/buying/registering.

METADATA(information about information)

Compile Great Content:

THE most likely details that need to be included – based on user interest/needs (and make it really comprehensive). If you are selling something describe it in every possible way, because how you see it may not be the same as how your customer does.


Before I begin my website – I know:

All my content is written

 My site’s goal and my target audience

 My competitors + good/bad design ideas

 Which plugins my site will require

 My budget Money + Time

 Shipping / Payment / Legals

 Google Analytics and SEO plan

We Design New Websites and Revamp Existing Websites

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Create your own Bundle

You can now have a tailored web design solution, just for you, which will incorporate the  full costs into easy repayments over 24 months with three configurable package deals available.  Click below to view the handy price calculator that lets you add in additional services you would like to pay off over two years.

The website design and 24 month hosting at WebStar plan are required; after that you may choose from a long list of optional extras, which may be repaid weekly, monthly or annually for approved applicants.

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