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Published without the kind permission from the author – Anon E Mouse. 2015

open-300x218Be on the first page of Google. Ha! It really is like telling your 14 year old friend, who loves to sleep in and eat hamburgers that they can win a gold medal at the Olympics. I had the pleasure of knowing a young girl who did win a Gold Medal at the Olympics. In fact she won several Olympic medals and she equals Dawn Fraser and Suzie O’Neill as the best ever Australian Olympic female athlete.”

What did she have to do?

Every day of her life she swam. Her mum would drive her to the pool (about a 45 minute drive away) at 5AM in the morning just so she could train and do laps. Every day she attended school, and she was an ‘A’ student who also enjoyed other sports.

Her family and friends tirelessly fund-raised to make it possible for her to attend meets to compete against other swimmers. She joined the AIS (Australian Institute of Sports) and underwent the rigorous training required for an elite athlete.

And whilst she was not a darling of the media, so you may not know her name; she is a quiet achiever who was prepared to put in the hard yards.

An effort like that is what it takes to get on the first page of Google. There is no magic pill. It simply requires effort and a good coach.

You need a good coach  if you want to succeed. But it comes at a great cost. Mostly the cost is of your time and dedication. Plus you will need to invest plenty of dollars too. Well not really that much if you compare it to other marketing costs like ads in Newspapers, or on TV. Really then SEO marketing is quite inexpensive. It is also easier to track the habits of the audience so that you can better target their needs.

In fact the cost is not so great when you know what you get for around $75 to $150 a week.

The coach who trained our Olympian would  have had a much harder time training our hamburger-loving 14 year old. The base material to work with is significant. The enthusiasm of the trainee is of importance. When it comes to SEO – you are that trainee and yours is close-300x214the enthusiasm that is required.

A few of Australia’s high achieving Olympic Swimming Champions




We have SEO coaching and assistance available. Be aware that it is an exact and elite science to get the coveted number one spot.

If you can’t get into the number one spot organically, get with the Media to promote you and become their darling so you become a household name… ie Google AdWords campaigns can put you in the spotlight, even though you rank quite low on say Page 3, where no-one hardly ever- goes looking. Adwords work in many cases and they are no different to advertising in a magazine or newspaper.

Unlike the Olympic Games – Search Engines have a very large number of ‘events’ and it is not outside the realms of possibility to augment your Search Engine Visibility with a good keyword ‘event’ and with the help of a competent exceptional coach.

But it is like training for the Olympics. You can work as hard as can be, but it does not guarantee a result. Anyone who tells you otherwise should be highly questioned.

Our SEO team will work with you to give your website the best training it can get. Be prepared for the 5 AM starts. Be prepared for the rigorous training. Be prepared for a certain amount of monotony. There really is no magic pill.

Like our young swimmer, who won not only Olympic Gold but who is also an Order Of Australia Recipient, and who persevered through all the difficulties – believe it is possible, work hard and the prize can be yours.

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