Fee Calculator Tool

Use the handy tool below to calculate your savings when choosing to incorporate the full costs into easy repayments over 24 months. Three configurable package deals available and add in additional services you would like to pay off over two years.

The website design and 24 months hosting at discounted WebStar plan are required; after that you may choose from a long list of optional extras, which may be repaid weekly, monthly or annually for approved applicants.

HANDY CALCULATOR  for 24 month Payment Plan with your choice of optionsEasy SiteProfessional PlusExtra Specialist
DEPOSIT - Required  $890.00$890.00$890.00
FIXED FEE-Required
Web Design Balance over 24 months  $890.00$1,780.00$4,450.00
Hosting Fees for 24 months ($16.50 per month)  $396.00$396.00$396.00
OPTIONAL   Normal CostBundle CostClick below to add any options to your bundle. Click in same
spot again to remove. The calculator will update the totals
Domain Name Normally$49.75/two yrs$45.00   
WordPress Management148.50 /year$275.00   
Custom SEO Report - Once at 3-months$350$330.00   
Ad Words Management Plan$121/month$2,880   
Rapid SSL$99.50/year$185.00   
Art Work - Logo Design$480$400.00   
Art Work  - Banner Design$480$400.00   
Blog Copywriter$20 / month$450.00   
Social Media Management$20 / month$450.00   
 DEPOSIT BALANCE OF TOTAL COST ( to be paid over 24 MONTHS)  $1,286.00$2,176.00$4,846.00
The Total Cost of your Bundle - including Deposit   $2,176.00$3,066.00$5,736.00
PER WEEK (104 weeks)  $13.13$21.58$47.36
PER MONTH (24 months)  $56.88$93.97$205.22
Annual payment *2. One on launch and one on anniversary  $648.47$1,071.22$2,339.47
Discounts » Added on Annual Payment option above     
5.00%  -$66.26-$112.76-$246.26