Linux VPS – with choice of latest 64-bit Linux operating systems

VPS provides a completely isolated, virtual environment for your operating system and any software you wish to upload, including  your choice of control panel with your own separate IP address.

Three Virtual Private Server  (VPS) plans available

Following VPS plans are available with the choice of latest 64-bit Linux operating systems: CentOS , Dedian, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Ubuntu

The vanilla price includes basic management i.e. VPS is up and running and no issues. If you choose the optional Full VPS Proactive management you will also need to install a control panel. Additional Backup can be arranged – please ask if you require FTP backup space, so we can include this in your package.

Our team of experienced and qualified system administrators are on hand to provide complete Pro Active Server Management services for our VPS clients if required. This takes all the worry out of owning your own VPS server and ensures your server’s systems are updated and managed in a timely fashion. A control panel such as cPanel/WHM is required. 

We also offer Windows -based VPS servers.  Please contact us about this via email or phone.

Proactive Server and VPS Management

In addition to the free services that our team provides for all dedicated server and vps hosting clients, you may like to take the option to utilise our system admin’s expertise for proactively taking care of server maintenance. This includes:

  • Operating System Maintenance including Upgrades
  • Migration Assistance from Old Provider
  • Backups and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Data Restoration from Backups
  • Security and Firewall Configuration and Maintenance
  • Control Panel (cPanel/Plesk) Maintenance and Support
  • Antispam Configuration and Maintenance
  • IP Reputation Monitoring for Emails
  • Troubleshooting Operating System Issues
  • Troubleshooting Server Downtime and Load Issues
  • Troubleshooting Issues with System Services
  • System Services supported: Apache/IIS/Tomcat, PHP, Perl, MySQL, Qmail, Exim, DNS/Bind, SSH, FTP, SFTP
  • Forensic Analysis on Hacking/Phishing/Spam Attacks
  • Malware Scanning
  • 24/7 System Services Monitoring (Every Minute Checked)

These services are available at a fraction of cost of hiring a system admin to manage the server(s) and VPS