These standard Features are part of Oceania’s all-inclusive Plan Price

Description All Oceania Hosting Plans come with these standard features included in the hosting fees.


$19.80 per month


$31.80 per month

DISK STORAGE SPACE This is the disk space that is reserved on our server for your email and hosting account. From our user interface – cPanel you can view and manage your current usage. Should your usage reach 80% of allocation an automated message is sent to let you know to remove unwanted files, or talk with us about an upgrade. The cost of an upgrade is simply the difference in the price of the plans, and it will be pro-rated.

10 GB total disk space

According to the HTTP Archive, the average size of the top 1,000 web pages was 2099 KB in 2014. This means that the Web STAR allocation will hold over 5,000 top quality web pages

20 GB total disk space

Twice as much as Web STAR plan ie 10,000 top quality web pages

MONTHLY TRAFFIC (Data transfer AKA Bandwidth) Data transfer is a measurement of all traffic; such as whenever someone visits your website to view your pages, or you send or receive email.

15 GB per month

This allocation is considered to be more than 10 times the average usage by websites worldwide

30 Gigabytes per month

Double the WEB STAR allocation!


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The Industry Standard User Interface, known as cPanel helps you to perform a whole range of server related tasks and operations including the ability to Create/Manage email accounts; password protect directories; online file manager; create subdomains and redirects and more.


Your cpanel includes Softaculous Suite of Software – over 300 FREE  scripts to make Design-It-Yourself Websites


This allows you to create email addresses with your domain name extension, for example if your domain name is and your name is John you could have an email address like

All mail can be checked via your favourite email client like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail etc.

IMAP and/or POP accounts supported

Up to 999 email addresses with unlimited Forwarders ( aka aliases)

Domain Forwarding.

Includes Spam Assassin and email filters to manage your email.

MX records easily set up so that you can host your mail on exchange platforms or external Mail Providers like gmail.

Mailing Lists and Autoresponders

Up to 999 email addresses with  unlimited forwarders.

Includes Spam Assassin and email filters

Domain Forwarding

MX records Management

Mailing Lists and Autoresponders


All email mailboxes can be accessed via WEBMAIL using any of the following web based programs which are automatically accessible once your control panel has been set up –

Horde; Squirrel Mail; Round Cube Mail


Subdomains allow you to create domains such as http://billing. ;

http://shop. etc

Unlimited Subdomains and TWO designated Addon Domains Unlimited Subdomains and FIVE  designated Addon domains
BACKUPS – R1Soft Continuous Data Protection Continuous Data Protection is the ultimate backup solution for data protection and disaster recovery. R1Soft is accessed via cPanel and it allows you to revert back to previous recovery points. YES YES
Latest PHP PHP is basically used to develop web based software applications that dynamically interact with Databases. We provide the latest stable releases of PHP and MySQL by default. Cloud Linux PHP Selector. All our servers are running PHP Selector that allows each user to select the PHP version and module based on their needs. Cloud Linux PHP Selector. All our servers are running PHP Selector that allows each user to select the PHP version and module based on their needs.