Web Development [Programming and Coding]

All Oceania hosting plans come with options to use


Your User – friendly Management Interface cPanel

cPanel is a graphical web-based control panel that helps you quickly and easily manage your website and hosting account. cPanel software gives you complete control over a vast amount of functions, streamlining useful processes such as:

  • Creating databases
  • Managing website files
  • Setting up email accounts & auto responders

cPanel has grown to become the most popular web hosting control panel, running millions of websites around the world. cPanel was created to provide a truly user-friendly interface for managing a website. With cPanel software, website owners can easily manage their email accounts, databases, applications, security, FTP, and control every aspect of their websites.


  • Auto Script Installer

Softaculous (over 300 on board easy one click installations) such as E-commerce; Educational; Music; Wikis; Forums; Social Networking and so much more. With Oceania hosting you have access to a range of versatile tools to be the WebMaster/Mistress to make and fully manage your website yourself.

You can use any of the features in cPanel > Softaculous. Support Documentation is available for each tool provided in cpanel. Look for interactive support from any of cpanel’s main categories by pressing the Help Button

In Softaculous go to HelpBTNSoftaculous  in the main menu for assistance.

Oceania provides free support for WordPress Software only. For all Softaculous Installed Software support please visit their respective Support Sites as they are your GOTO advisers. The links to Support Sites will be available in the Overview Tab of the respective software.

Look for HelpBTNSoftaculous to get the link to the support site.

Website hosting

Website hosting

Easy all-inclusive shared web hosting
WebSTAR $19.80 monthly
WebPRO $31.80 monthly

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers

Private operating system
Your own ip adresses
Linux or Windows

Custom Hosting Solutions

Custom Hosting Solutions

MultiSite Management (Reseller)
Individually Tailored Plan
Dedicated server

Additional Services

  • Fully Proactive WordPress Management

Keep your WordPress Website Up to Date using our Fully Proactive WordPress Maintenance for $148.50 per year

  • Malware Cleanup

If your site is hacked we have a Sucuri Malware Cleanup service for $99 plus our developer’s time (usually 1 hour per website) to manage the cleanup.

  • SSL Secure Socket Layer Protection

WE will supply and install your own SSL CERTIFICATE.

There is a pre-installed SSL certificate on Oceania servers for free use. In the case of a hosting account using the server’s shared SSL there is a discrepancy between the name on the SSL ( being the name of the server) and the name of the account accessing the SSL (www.yoursite). Browsers will typically notice this discrepancy and warn the user that there is a conflict. The site is safe, however.

To prevent the conflict warning from appearing it would be necessary to purchase a dedicated SSL for 12 months – renewable.

If you have a dedicated SSL the name of your site and the URL https://yoursite will be the same.

  • Your Oceania Portal to manage Hosting Package Account(s); Domain Name Registration Account(s) and other services
  • Update all Member/account owner’s details and create Accredited Contacts with full or part access to your account
  • Access to Knowledge Base and downloadable Support Articles; View Support Ticket History
  • Pay invoices and view your payment history; update your credit card details – all through the Secure portal
  • Knowledge Base Website

Extensive Knowledge Base and Downloadable Support Pdfs and Step by Step Videos (coming soon) for standard tasks can be found in your dedicated Knowledge Base Website

Included Support for Hosting Issues

Oceania offers a comprehensive Support Service for your hosting account. We make every effort to assist and guide you to use the cpanel tools at your disposal. Simply write your issue into a support ticket and we will take it from there. The more details you can provide the better. Most support issues can be dealt with in under 30 minutes and there is no charge generally for asking support questions to assist you use your account. Fees do apply for any changes you ask our technicians to make  expressly for you.

Technical and Development Assistance

When you need more or if things become complicated we can come to your aid. Our specialised development services are charged out by the hour. Normally $95 / hour but for our hosting clients, technical support for standard programming or coding issues is charged at $77 per hour.

Occasionally we have to call in the big guns. This is our Level 3 Support Tier and is $150 per hour.

We will always seek your authorisation prior to commencement.
A normal support ticket does not attract a charge.

For all development work we require a clear explanation of desired outcomes.

If you are facing a problem then Step by Step instructions to enable us to replicate the problem is essential. Often by doing this process you can magically reach the solution yourself. (Include all relevant URL’s and passwords – for security please reset passwords after our support is completed)

If you require specialised development or reverse engineering we must have a very clear understanding of the problem or desired outcome. Our regular support team will collaborate with you to ensure the best possible outcome(s) from placing a Level 3 Enquiry.