The most popular software on the internet today for creating sites is undoubtedly WordPress. There are a great many reasons to use this free tool with your Oceania Hosting package. You can install wordpress straight into your hosting account by using cpanel> Softaculous and filling out a small form – the server takes care of the rest.

The latest WordPress themes are responsive. Responsive design has become the standard and now Google and Bing are favouring sites that are responsive. The Search Engines want their users to be satisifed. They want their users to be able to read your website on any device and they want the content to fit the keywords that their users have typed into the Serarch Engine Search Bar They also want your content to be interesting, relevant and fresh.

Enter the WordPress blog. Not only can your static WordPress pages detail the unchanging aspects of your enterprise ( business or info site) but your blog can be massively helpful in keeping your website at the forefront of searches.

We encourage you to use WordPress. If you do not have a clue how to do it… and have better things to spend your time on please ask for a quote. We can make your site for you and also show you how to add in new blog posts on a regular basis yourself. This will keep your site “flavour of the month” and prominent in searches.

If you want to read about how to do it you could check out or try ( Even though the presenter promotes another host – we hope you will stay with Oceania – your australian boutique host – Real Person Customer Support Specialists)