It seems that there are more and more hosting companies setting up business every day and the average user can be forgiven for not being able to tell one from the other.

Most website owners simply have no idea just how valuable a good web host isThe most important part of any hosting service lies in the word “host”. In the real world a good host looks after their guests and makes certain that they want for nothing. So it ought to be with your web hosting provider.

Your web host should be sure that you, their client, wants for nothing. That the service which you buy from them is as advertised; and that you don’t suddenly discover that something is missing. It would be like going out to a party and finding out ‘you’ won’t be getting sweets or that even though the valet parking took your car at the door, you’re expected to walk five blocks to retrieve it once it’s time to return home. You would not be happy – and who could blame you?

A web host provides disk space and bandwidth as a bare minimum. A fair webhost gives added value in the form of email accounts, statistics and a user-friendly interface to manage your account. A good webhost provides software services and databases to make creating and maintaining website content all possible from one location.

A great web host has an attitude. The attitude is like that held by any great host in the real world. You get the feeling that you are in a good and safe place. You are comfortable that you are in the right place because the host has everything under control.

And exactly what do they need to have under control to make you feel safe and like a carefree guest at a party? The number of guests is pleasant and you don’t feel crowded out; You feel welcome and valued; The food and drinks service comes around regularly and dependably; There is adequate security to keep gate-crashers away; Everything you expect is provided as part of the service and most importantly you want the host to recognise you and be aware and attentive to your needs.

Should any web host provide less? We don’t think so. After nearly sixteen years we have become seasoned webhosts with not only fast, reliable and secure webservers that deliver your emails and website contents every second of everyday without skipping a beat, but we take the time to get to know you. To us you are a valued guest and we make it our business to ensure that you are happy.

Here’s what a guest of Oceania can expect:

  • manageable disk space and bandwidth.
  • email accounts, full user statistics and cpanel user interface
  • comprehensive choice of software services and free included databases to run them
  • undersubscribed servers – never slow or stopped due to overcrowding
  • 99% uptime guarantee means your emails and site are always available
  • fully diligent and dedicated security monitoring 24/7 service
  • automated off-site backs ups of your account daily, weekly and the full previous calendar month
  • geographically diverse nameserver cluster
  • member benefits – online client portal as well as highly personalised support (friendly too)
  • experienced domain name managers, engineers, tech support, seo and web design team
  • Addon Services to really take all the worry out of having a web presence
  • seamlessly scalable plans so you can grow without skipping a beat
  • Peace of mind – knowing your host has everything under control.

You too can become an Oceania A-lister. We are a boutique service and therefore we limit the number of new clients so we can provide everyone who signs up with us with the best possible web hosting experience; one that leaves you feeling richer even though the outlay is less than the cost of a postage stamp a day.