1. A great domain name – make it catchy and relevant – www.you-want-this.com so visitors, and search engines can find you.

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2. Call to action – A reason to attract people to your offering. Make sure that the webpages you design are interesting and that the visitors have something to do when they reach your site- like buy something from you; or sign up for your program etc.

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3. A web host who will keep your content safe and deliver it fast to your visitors every second of every single day (called uptime and should be at least 99.99%).

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It may sound obvious but you would be surprised how many website owners still ignore these simple basics.

For example:   They look for a cheap domain name that piggy backs off another. Like http://mysubpages.anOtherBusinessThanMine.com All the credit for your site goes to a business that is not yours.

Imagine failing to put a call to action on the main page? It happens! Web designers get caught up in making each page pretty and so perfect they forget to engage directly with their audience. The contact page is not enough… and in many cases is ignored.

What is needed is a direct “clear-and-obvious-on-every-page” call to action.   Having a specific action in mind should drive your web page – so your visitors know what to do to engage with you; buy your product or sign up for your service.

Often a well- constructed Landing Page works better to get conversions than the actual website itself. Once your visitor is convinced by great story on your landing page and have engaged with you, it is then that they will go to your regular website to follow up.

Finally a reliable webhost is crucial to your success. Did you know that there are 525,600 minutes in a year and that a website should be available each and every one of them.

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime means that there could be over three and half days every year that the server is down and sites on that server will not be displaying. 99.95% uptime guarantees that almost 2 days per year the server will be down. 99.99% uptime guarantees that there will be under 1.0 hours of downtime in a year.

IN ONE YEAR Uptime guarantee DOWNTIME
total minutes % Minutes hours days
525600 100% 0 8760 365
  0.99 5256 87.6 3.65
  0.995 2628 43.8 1.825
  0.9999 52.56 0.876 0.0365